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Gaming Status

Diablo 3 (PC) – nattsumi

  • 531/600 Paragon (Normal)
  • 138/200 Paragon (Hardcode – Season)

Guild Wars 2 (PC) – Crystal Desert – nattsumi

  • 100% Map Completion
  • 3/9 – Ascended Gear

Hello Hero (Mobile) – Linberk – nattsumi

  • 2/5 – Useful 6*
  • 2/5 – 6* +5

Clicker Heroes (Browser)

  • 1085 / 4720 – Floor
  • 5100 Hero Souls

Final Fantasy XIV (PC) – Sargantanas – Nattsumi Tea

  • Waiting for Ninja

Tera (PC) – Tempest Reach – nattsumi

  • Waiting for Lv70

Dragon Nest (PC) – Gerrant (NA) – nattsumi

  • Waiting for Lancea

Maple Story (PC) – Broa – nattsumichan

  • 200 Angelic Buster
  • No Goals

Aion (PC) – Siel – nattsumichan

  • 28 Chanter
  • No Goals

Ragnarok Online 2 (PC) – Odin – nattsumichan

  • 21 Acolyte
  • No Goals

Ragnarok Online (Mobile) – Poring – nattsumi

  • 50 Priest
  • No Goals

Farmville 2: Country Escape (Mobile)

  • Level 60
  • No Goals

My Vegas (Mobile)

  • Level 50
  • No Goals

Fantasica (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Farmville 2 (PC) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Brave Brigade (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Black Desert Online (PC) TBA: N/A

Tree of Saviour (PC) TBA: N/A

Maple Story 2 (PC) TBA: N/A

Everquest Next (PC) TBA: N/A

Rise of Mana (Mobile) TBA NA: N/A

Breath of Fire 6 (Mobile) TBA NA: N/A



Finished single player campaign. Est. 10 hours gameplay


  • Fun and difficult puzzles
  • Story
  • Simplified game play
  • Auto-saves at appropriate places


  • Lack of music

General Thoughts

  • If you’ve played Portal 1, the first 3/4 of the game is a joke. But the last 1/4 is definitely worth it.
  • Haven’t tried co-op so I can’t comment on the other half of the game
  • Even though the puzzles during the first 3/4 were easy, the banter between Wheatley & GLaDOS is worth the play through


Finished the game on “Creature of the Night”. Est. 20hrs of game play
Currently mid-way through Revelations DLC. Est. 5hrs of game play
PS3 controller w/ MotionJoy


  • Graphics
  • Fast-paced and fluid fighting
  • Voice Acting was decent enough
  • Plenty of freedom to roam about
  • Fulfilling grotesque scenes
  • Difficult bosses
  • Auto-saves at appropriate places


  • BGM – found myself muting it halfway through the game to play other music
  • Impossible to skip rooms of monsters for previously cleared areas
  • Skill purchasing – Too expensive
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Back-tracking is to be expected in any Castlevania game but to return to the same spot over and over to get 1/5 fragment of hp is just delaying content.

General Thoughts

  • The story line was simple but provided enough twists to be enjoyable.
  • Although there were over 20 skills per tree, I found myself only using 3-4 and only 1-2 of the fire.
  • The Revelations DLC is amazing. The rewards for secrets and skills are right where they need to be.
  • Friend played with Keyboard and Mouse and said the game is unplayable

Trailer for DLC (Spoilers)


So it’s that time again where I run outta things I really wanna do in my MMOs. I’ve pretty much quit the game that used to occupy the majority of my time, Dragon Nest, and replaced the time with various mobile games and dailies in Guild Wars 2. Since I now have a bit more free time I’ve decided to play games that I ignored for the past 5 years; one player games.

While playing a couple of these games, I also decided to want to write a mini-reviews for them. The games that I plan on reviewing are far from new, like Portal 2 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 but just like  my blog, the reviews are mostly for myself; a way to gather my thoughts, if you will.

I do plan on returning to the MMO scene one a few titles come out but until then, one player errday.

Lull Period

Widdle waddle. Mishy Mooshy. Thankfully, none of the games I’ve been playing have had much new content. So I’ve been working overtime to buy a new computer so that I can play and stream Final Fantasy XIV when it gets re launched August 27th.

I didn’t partake in the betas. Instead I lent my accounts to friends so they could try the game out. I can’t imagine the game being too difficult to navigate through content without playing the beta. So I sit here with most of my new computer paid for twiddle dee twiddle dum.

With the lack of content in Dragon Nest, I have been able to redirect my time towards other games, such as “Monster Life” which is Maple Story’s version of Farmville -I love these farm games~ Thankfully, a guildy told me that to play MS, all I had to do was load MS up before DN. Since I am able to play MS again, I am thinking about trying to hit level 250. A goal which’ll be sidelined for awhile. I am quite content with Monster Life at the moment.



Another game I’ve just recently picked up again is Ragnarok Online 2. Initially, I uninstalled this game after 30 minutes of beta testing. This game is incredibly slow paced and the controls are pretty bad. I rolled an Acolyte, in hopes to make a full support priest. So I’ll only have one attack skill ’til level 24. All I do is spam Holy Light to level up. This total lack of game play is reminiscent  of another game that I used to play, Everquest. I also have one real life friend playing RO2, so I’ll stick with this ’til XIV comes out.

I’m not too sure what game I will be playing in the next few months, but I do know I will be short on time.