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Hello Hero (Mobile) – Linberk – nattsumi [GoodFellas]

  • Sally – Level 36/39
  • White Knight Harold 0/1
  • Glacial Mode 1/10

Tera (PC) – Tempest Reach – nattsumi

  • Level 24/65 Gunnar
  • Level 60/65 Priest
  • Level 60/65 Berserker
  • Level 60/65 Reaper
  • Level 60/65 Mystic
  • Level 60/65 Lancer


Clash of Clans (Mobile) – nattsumi [JJ the Greats]

  • Level 74
  • Town Hall – 8/10
  • Single Player Campaign – 138/150
  • Builders – 5/5

Wooparoo Mountain (Mobile) – Friend Code: A577379

  • Level 23
  • Magicross – 1/1
  • Legendary Dragons – 4/4

Hero Commander (Browser) – S17 Summoner – nattsumi

  • Level 66 (BR 65,311)

Plunder Pirates (Mobile)

  • Level 20
  • Pirate Hall 5/7

DomiNation (Mobile) nattsumi [Dragons Sin]

  • Level 42
  • Medieval Age / Space Age

Final Fantasy XIV (PC) – Sargantanas – Nattsumi Tea

  • Waiting for Heavensward

Farmville 2: Country Escape (Mobile)

  • Level – 64/70

Monster Squad (Mobile)

  • 6* Army – 4/4
  • Robo Island – 1/14

Diablo 3 (PC) – nattsumi

  • Paragon (Normal) – 539/600
  • Paragon (Hardcode) – 138/200
  • No Goals

Vindictus (PC) US-West – nattsArisha

  • Level – 8/80

Brave Frontier (Mobile) – ID: 7184424899

  • Level – 174/250
  • Arena Rank – 20/67
  • Maxwell – 0/1
  • Magress – 0/1
  • Trials – 0/4


Flyff All-Stars (Mobile)

  • Quest – 4-1/???
  • 6* Army – 2/3
  • 7* Army – 1/3

Candy Crush Soda Saga (Mobile)

  • 13/180


Dragon Nest (PC) – Gerrant (NA) – nattsumi

  • Level 80 Physician

Clicker Heroes (Browser)

  • Floor 4255

Guild Wars 2 (PC) – Crystal Desert – nattsumi

  • Map Completion – 100%
  • Ascended Accessories – 5/5
  • Legendary Bow – 0/1

Maple Story (PC) – Broa – nattsumichan

  • Level 200 Angelic Buster
  • No Goals

Aion (PC) – Siel – nattsumichan

  • Level 28 Chanter
  • No Goals

Ragnarok Online 2 (PC) – Odin – nattsumichan

  • Level 21 Acolyte
  • No Goals

Ragnarok Online (Mobile) – Poring – nattsumi

  • Level 50 Priest
  • No Goals

My Vegas (Mobile)

  • Level 85
  • No Goals

Fantasica (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Farmville 2 (PC) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Brave Brigade (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Black Desert Online (PC) TBA: 2015

Tree of Saviour (PC) TBA: N/A

Maple Story 2 (PC) TBA: N/A

Everquest Next (PC) TBA: N/A

Rise of Mana (Mobile) TBA NA: N/A

Breath of Fire 6 (Mobile) TBA NA: N/A

Clash of Clans – Journey to Champion’s League (TH Snipe)




Champion’s League


TLDR; 100+ hours from Master 3 to Champion League.

This isn’t a guide per-say but rather more information to anyone looking to get to Champion’s League via Town Hall Sniping. Town Hall Sniping is very simple; hit Next ’til you find an exposed Town Hall. Click Me for TH Sniping Guide.


Exposed Town Hall

My Reason

Initially, I just wanted the 4th builder, 1000 Gems. The Sweet Victory  level 3 achievement, 450 gems, combined with League All-Star level 1 achievement, 250 gems,  and the gems that I had gave me enough to afford the 4th builder. But the 5th builder, 2,000 gems, looked very obtainable. All I had to do was hit Champion’s League. The League All-Star level 3 achievement gives you 2,000 gems. Sounded easy enough.

Also, getting up to Crystal League didn’t take very long at all either, maybe 10-15 hours.

Crystal League

Once you hit Crystal League your progress is slowed by a reduced amount of exposed Town Halls. There could be a whole array of reasons why, but I experienced a lot less exposed Town Halls. Nothing too crazy, but it took me about 5-10 minutes to find one, opposed to 1-2 minutes in previous leagues. Each win nets you 4-11 cups meaning you need to find a minimum of 54-150 bases.

Crystal League took me about a week and a half give or take. If you don’t have a full-time job, you could probably clear Crystal League much quicker.

Master League

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably thinking “I’m Almost done!” At least, that’s what I thought, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. For some reason, I thought this would take me the same amount of time as Crystal League. My friend asked me when I was gonna be finished so I could play other games with him. I told him, I’ll be done in a week in a half. I extended that prediction several times.

You’ll experience a whole whack of problems, most of which stem from the lack of exposed Town Halls. On average, I found 1 base every 30-40 minutes. Sometimes I found 3 in 5 minutes. Sometimes I found 3 in 12 hours. Master League will test your patience.

Although you get a decent gold bonus upon finding a base, you will probably run out of gold. At Town Hall 7, it costs 380 gold per next. 2600 attempts per 1 million gold. That may seem like a lot of attempts but I found myself broke on many occasions.




I found myself doing the Campaign missions for gold. The later stages do offer quite a bit of gold. I also found doing Clan Wars helped with gold as well. Both of those methods work well when you’re under a shield.

Since earning cups are so few and far between losing them is gonna hurt a lot more… god damn you revenge.


52 Cups

Anyway, needless to say, you’re gonna wanna be attacked as few times as possible. Meaning, 6 hour sessions are highly advised. I was always, 100%, attacked during the 5 minutes that I got kicked off for. I could only hope that the person attacking me was from a league above me to reduce the amount of cups I lost.

Once I was near the end, I bought the 24 hour, 150 gems, and 48 hour, 150 gems, shield to reduce my pain. My patience was wearing thin and I did not want to lose anymore cups.

I started my session at 3100. I played for 6 hours, made it to about 3140 then bought the 24h shield. Sleep > Work > 6 hour Session > 3175 > 48h shield > Sleep > work > 4 hours > SUCCESS! Mudda fuggin’ Champion.


Defense Log

Other Notes

  • I  initiated combat in a non-exposed TH base once in Master I and wanted to break my phone
  • Watch out for troll bases. Always bring enough troops to deal with 4x Hidden Teslas
  • I grew to hate my phone notification alert sound
  • I would suggest only going further than Crystal League at TH7 or higher to take advantage of the Dark Elixer bonus
  • Master to Champion took me over 100 hours over the course of 2-3 weeks. Marathoning through this league is advised
  • This is how I felt:Clash
  • I would not do this again, but I am glad that I did it once

Gunnar – Intercept Ghost [Gaming Accessories]


Gunnar Ghost Intercept


Been wearing these everyday for about 6 months


  • Reduces headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision and eye strain.


  • Actually work!
  • Reduced eye strain
    • Work wonders in dark rooms and white backgrounds
  • Price
  • Geekier look (bonus in my eyes)

  • Susceptible to smudging
  • Yellowish hue
  • Little uncomfortable when using over-ear headphones
    • Can be mitigated by angling the glasses downwards

General Thoughts

  • The yellowish hue is only apparent when I first started using them. This issue is quite minor to me, but could be a issue for you.
  • I find myself wiping the lenses of smudge marks 2-3 times a day
  • I bought one of the cheapest pairs ($69). I wasn’t sure if they would fit me or even worked. But based on how often I now use them now, $69 is a steal.
  • I tried out 5-6 other styles before purchasing this style but I only found that 1-2 styles which more comfortable at the time.
  • I have no problem wearing these for 8-10 hour gaming sessions
  • I can’t speak for the other claims that this product boasts like reduced headaches, dry eyes or blurred vision because I have not noticed an increase or decrease in any of these symptoms
  • If you purchase these from the main site from Canada, you’re gonna get owned hard. You’ll have to pay, S&H $20, Customs $20+, and Taxes. Buy them locally, if you can.


Brave Frontier [Mobile]


Been playing nearly two months. Completed Quest mode. Currently farming heroes to clear end-game.


  • Useful Daily Log-in Rewards – No Calendar
  • Auto-Battle
  • 2 types of time-currency – Arena (PVP) & Energy (Everything else)
    • PVP timer is 1 hour – Energy is 3 minutes
  • Daily Quests are quick and easy with mild rewards
  • Assuming you don’t close the game, you turn off your phone mid-battle and start where you left off once you turn your phone again.
  • Special Daily Dungeons


  • Anime-style graphics
    • Portraits look great but in-game heroes not so much
  • Good customer support
  • Decent compensation when errors occur
  • Very active Reddit and Wiki community
  • Simple game-play when you start but becomes more complex later on
  • Hero evolution done correctly. If you get a great 3* hero, you will be able to convert him into a 6* in no time.
  • Energy refills to quickly for my liking at 3 minutes per, but since quest battles take so long, you can nearly play constantly if you wish to.
  • High level friends can carry you through tough battles
  • Plenty of useful events of various kinds

  • In-game graphics are pretty bad. Especially, later on when every hero has their SBB unlocked. The screen is just a blur of bright colours
  • Gems are pretty hard to come by as a freemium player
  • Since battles take so long (5-10 minutes), you are required to play for long periods of time or check back frequently
  • No Trading
  • A lot of server issues

General Thoughts

  • When I first started my first battle, I thought this was just like every other TCG (Trading Card Game), only to be very surprised at how very in depth this game becomes later on
  • Because the evolution system is done correctly in this game, pulling great units that are 3* or 4* doesn’t even matter. I normally wait ’til there is an event that increased the pull chance of the particular unit that I want
  • Later on, team composition becomes a key factor. There are various buffs, debuffs, attack and defense mechanism to consider for particular battles. This is where the game shines
  • If you have difficulties or ideas with any part of the game, there is a large community on Reddit to discuss with
  • This is my favorite mobile game


Keep calm and wait for Free Gem

Keep calm and wait for Free Gem



Super Connection Error Rates up!

Super Connection Error Rates up!


Flyff All Stars [Mobile]


3rd World in Quest. Been playing for 2-3 weeks.


  • Auto-battle (Does not use skills)
  • 1 type of time-currency: Wings
    • Start off with 5. The initial cost to increase your wing limit is 20, but goes up by 20 every time. So 20-40-60-80-100 and so on.
    • 10 minute timer
  • Log-in Rewards


  • Anime-style graphics
  • Simple fast-paced game-play
  • Seems like real-life currency is easy enough to obtain
  • Time attack tickets are very plentiful – decent reward
  • High level friends can carry you through difficult parts
  • 3 Heroes system is pretty cool
  • If you die mid-stage, you retain the exp earned

  • Evolution of heroes is random
  • Can’t seem to play off of WiFi
  • Leveling low level heroes to 30 for gem reward takes a very long time
  • If you disconnect during battle, that’s it; you gotta restart the stage
  • No Trading

General Thoughts

  • Not being able to play off of wifi, really limits my play time. I don’t know if the wifi problem is isolated to me.
  • You really need to purchase several wings expansion. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to play for 5 minutes. Thankfully, the game has given me enough gems to do so.
  • Since the game is relatively new, getting information about the game is quite difficult. Adding to the information problem, there are no official forums. The community also seems quite small.
  • When I feel like actually playing, the game seems quite fun. Actively playing gets you much further than auto-mode.
  • You need to manage your gold because upgrading heroes is quite expensive. The rates seem okay, but I’ve only made it to the 5* level. The current limit is 7*. 7*s probably require 5* feeders which will be a problem later on.
  • I have not played this game long enough to determine whether or not a freemium play will be able to clear most of the content.


Hello Hero [Mobile]


Finished Quest/Campaign Mode. Cleared up to Dungeon 79. Been playing for over a year.


  • Useful Daily Log-in Rewards – Reset at 10 PM PST
    • 5* Hero at 25 Days
  • Auto-Battle
  • 2 types of time-currency – Stamina (Quests) & Energy (Events)
    • 10 Minute Timer
    • Start off with 20 Stamina/Energy but goes up as you level
  • Daily Quest
    • Clear 7 days consecutively to claim 10 carat reward
  • Ability to play via web-browser (Facebook)
  • Saves battle if you disconnect/close game


  • Anime-style graphics
  • Plenty of compensation when errors occur
  • Customer service is professional (7 days to resolve my issue)
  • Plenty of ways to obtain real-life money currency
  • Simple game-play
  • Active community on Facebook and on the Forum.

  • Evolution of heroes is random
  • Near impossible to be among the top players being a F2P player
  • Dungeon rewards are not good enough
  • No Trading

General Thoughts

  • Once you beat the quest mode, the only reason to get better heroes is to either Dungeon or Arena.
    • The main problem lies within the evolution process. In order to progress further in the dungeon or arena, you will need specific types of heroes. In order to obtain these heroes as a free player, you will need to spend a significant amount of time collecting carats and feeder heroes to evolve the free 5* you get every month to obtain a 6*. The main problem is that once you fuse 2x 5*s together, the 6* you get is completely random.
    • Although, this game does have a mechanism in place, mutate, to reduce this problem. Mutate allows you to exchange the hero for another hero. Although, there are 2 conditions: be under level 30 and already be mastered or be lv30 +5. Meaning, if you get a 6* that you do not like/need, you will need to +5 that hero in order to mutate it. 
    • As long as you’re okay with the huge time sink involved in acquiring these heroes then you’re golden.
  • I see the 10 minute timer as a benefit for my life-style; I juggle many mobile games. The auto-battle paired with long timers allow me to only check this game 2-3 times a day. I can burn through all of my stamina on break at work -bonus for my life-style. If you want to play more, the 10 minute timer is clearly a negative.
  • The amount of carats you get in this game is ridiculous. This game puts every mobile game to shame. In the year that I’ve played, I have received over $600 worth of real-life currency.
  • Recently, I just barely wiggled my way into the top 5% (top 900) in the arena as a free active player. I don’t know how much higher I can go, but I feel this game sets up the game quite well for the freemium player.

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