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Gaming Status

Diablo 3 (PC) – nattsumi

  • 508/550 Paragon

Guild Wars 2 (PC) – Crystal Desert – nattsumi

  • 100% Map Completion
  • 2/9 – Ascended Gear

Hello Hero (Mobile) – Linberk – nattsumi

  • 2/5 – Useful 6*
  • 2/5 – 6* +5

Final Fantasy XIV (PC) – Sargantanas – Nattsumi Tea

  • Waiting for Ninja

Tera (PC) – Tempest Reach – nattsumi

  • Waiting for Lv70

Dragon Nest (PC) – Gerrant (NA) – nattsumi

  • Waiting for Lancea

Maple Story (PC) – Broa – nattsumichan

  • 200 Angelic Buster
  • No Goals

Aion (PC) – Siel – nattsumichan

  • 28 Chanter
  • No Goals

Ragnarok Online 2 (PC) – Odin – nattsumichan

  • 21 Acolyte
  • No Goals

Ragnarok Online (Mobile) – Poring – nattsumi

  • 50 Priest
  • No Goals

Farmville 2: Country Escape (Mobile)

  • Level 60
  • No Goals

My Vegas (Mobile)

  • Level 50
  • No Goals

Fantasica (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Farmville 2 (PC) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Brave Brigade (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • Level 100
  • No Goals

Guns Girl – School DayZ (Mobile) – nattsumi

  • No Goals

Black Desert Online (PC) TBA: N/A

Tree of Saviour (PC) TBA: N/A

Maple Story 2 (PC) TBA: N/A

Everquest Next (PC) TBA: N/A

Rise of Mana (Mobile) TBA NA: N/A

Breath of Fire 6 (Mobile) TBA NA: N/A

Lull Period

Widdle waddle. Mishy Mooshy. Thankfully, none of the games I’ve been playing have had much new content. So I’ve been working overtime to buy a new computer so that I can play and stream Final Fantasy XIV when it gets re launched August 27th.

I didn’t partake in the betas. Instead I lent my accounts to friends so they could try the game out. I can’t imagine the game being too difficult to navigate through content without playing the beta. So I sit here with most of my new computer paid for twiddle dee twiddle dum.

With the lack of content in Dragon Nest, I have been able to redirect my time towards other games, such as “Monster Life” which is Maple Story’s version of Farmville -I love these farm games~ Thankfully, a guildy told me that to play MS, all I had to do was load MS up before DN. Since I am able to play MS again, I am thinking about trying to hit level 250. A goal which’ll be sidelined for awhile. I am quite content with Monster Life at the moment.



Another game I’ve just recently picked up again is Ragnarok Online 2. Initially, I uninstalled this game after 30 minutes of beta testing. This game is incredibly slow paced and the controls are pretty bad. I rolled an Acolyte, in hopes to make a full support priest. So I’ll only have one attack skill ’til level 24. All I do is spam Holy Light to level up. This total lack of game play is reminiscent  of another game that I used to play, Everquest. I also have one real life friend playing RO2, so I’ll stick with this ’til XIV comes out.

I’m not too sure what game I will be playing in the next few months, but I do know I will be short on time.

Banned from Dragon Nest

A few days ago, my wife and I got banned from Dragon Nest. Initially, I wasn’t too worried because we didn’t do anything wrong. So I assumed that if I submitted a ticket, that we would get our accounts back. A few other guild mates have also been banned, each with a different scenario: Hawk’s DN account no longer exists, and Mattkha’s e-mail no longer exists. Hawk hasn’t been able to access his account for over a month now. Whereas Mattkha has only been banned for a week. Each passing day, Mattkha loses hope on ever getting his account back.


When I returned from work, the following day that I was banned I got this e-mail:

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention.

I do apologize that you have run into this issue on your account. I know how frustrating it is to have to deal with this type of issue.

It appears as though someone other than you accessed your account recently without your knowledge and this is what resulted in your account being immediately suspended for safety. Please note that this was not you accessing your account from a different location, it was a malicious access from an unknown party.

This ban may have also been issued due to you using a proxy or other software that masks your geolocation in order to play on our servers when you are out of the region. I highly suggest that you immediately stop using a proxy if you are as this will only cause further issues in the future.

I highly recommend that you change your primary and secondary password to the account as well as your email address password. Passwords should be between 12 – 15 characters long and should include numbers and symbols.

If you find that anything is missing on your account please submit a separate ticket and let us know what, if anything, may be missing on which characters and we will work as quickly as possible to restore it.

Your account has been released for use immediately.


GM Tekonos
Nexon America Inc.

Security Tip: Please do not give your password to anyone for any reason. Nexon representatives will NEVER ask you for your password.

So within one day, we had our accounts back. I was relieved to have my account back but I realized after dwelling over this for a day at work that this game is just to pass time.

At work, I imagined my life without Dragon Nest; well, more like without Nexon because if my DN was banned for no reason, I wouldn’t invest more time in playing any game from Nexon again. At this time, I couldn’t think of another game that I could spend as much time in as I do in DN. So, I was essentially, just gonna quit gaming for the summer and just work over time. As productive as that would have been for my real life, online gaming make my whole life more enjoyable. I get to do a lot of miscellaneous things like manage forums, edit videos, and chat on raidcall.

Anyway, I realized that Nexon has me by my balls. Unlike with my wife, it didn’t look like she cared too much that her account was banned. She has other things to do.

Farmville 2

Farmville 2. Yup, I can now say that I am one of the over ten million players that play Farmville.

This all started when I was browsing through BlackBerry’s baron app market. I found this game called “Miracle City” which reminded me of a low budget version of Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing. After a few days of playing this game, I came to the realization that if I were gonna play one of these time-based simulators, I might as well play the most popular one: Farmville. Thankfully, Farmville 2 came out a few months ago and looks a hella lot better than the original.

Anyway, There’s quite the negative stigma towards Farmville. So much that when I even mention the word Farmville to my friends, their eyes roll. The sense that I get when talking about Farmville in public is as if I were smoking now a days: just not cool, bro. But with the all the bad there is some good; a few other guildies, that I play Dragon Nest with, have joined me in my farming expedition!


The main problem with me is that when I play a game… it takes over my life. So, since I refuse to pay real life money to speed up the game, I’ve made multiple accounts to trade myself items to speed up the process for me. On top of that, on my days off, I set my alarm so that I wake up every 2-3 hours to tend to my farm. On my days that I work, I’ll tend to the farm if I happen to wake up but there is no alarm.

Generally, my genre of choice is MMO. So the goal for those types of games are easy: level, gear, and clear. But my goal for FV2 is not as clear. Initally, I thought that the max level was 40. I deemed that feasible. But some of the people on my friends list are level 50+. At the rate that I’m leveling, I can’t beat them either. So I’m not too sure on my goal for this game. Hopefully, addiction dies down a bit so I can get a full night of rest.

If you feel like adding me, Farmville 2


Now that I’ve started streaming on a regular basis, still not scheduled, I’ve garnered a few dedicated viewers. Viewers that will tune in and watch regardless of what game I’m playing or what I’m doing in the game. Even Michelle asks why certain viewers continue to come back and I can’t explain it. If I were a professional gamer or a female, I might be able to make more sense of the situation but I’m neither.

If I continually played one particular game I could understand as well because they’re watching someone on a journey to where ever they’re going. But I play multiple games. I’m currently playing a few different games (dragon nest, maple story, and dragon saga) and plan to start Phantasy Star Online 2 and Ragnarok Online 2 once my weekend starts. So my journey is scattered and not very easy to follow.

I suppose being able to chat with the host makes my stream slightly more entertaining. BubbleTea’s Raidcall can be quite entertaining at times as well. Iono though. My viewership is still quite small, 71 followers and 3-5 viewers on average. So until I get a larger sample, I can’t really analyze any trends.