Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice

I can’t think of any other anime that has moved me as much as Yuri on Ice. There is one song that makes me teary eyed every time I listen to it.

This track has inspired me so much that I have start to practice playing the piano. I’ve realized that I am terrible but I hope to be able to play this song in the years to come.

This song takes me on a journey:

  1. Working towards your goals
  2. Reaching your goal and realizing you’re not complete
  3. Working towards your goals with others
  4. Reaching your goal and realizing it’s about the journey

I can’t say that any other part of the anime spoke to me other than the relationship between Victor Yuri. I’m kind of amazed how far Yaoi (BL)  Genre has come. Usually the BL relationship is between sub characters and not the main ones.

Here are some additional videos:

Anime Hair


I love anime hair styles. I wanted to share a few styles that added depth to the characters.

Ragyo Kiryuin – Stoic and colourful. I was in awe when I first saw how colourful her hair was.

Elma – Elma’s hair wouldn’t normally stand out to me but add in a few highlights matched with her suit attire and bam! Success.

Hifumi Takimoto – Holy Moe! The more I thought about this style, I wondered why I’ve never seen it before in real life. *googles* here we go:


Still looks good. Anyway, Moe hair for Moe character.

Satou Sakie – I was wondering why I liked Satou’s hair so much and realized that with her hair off to one side it highlights more of her face and glasses~

Atsuko Kagari – It’s pretty hard to capture her hair in a picture due to how animated she and her hair are. Similarly to Satou Sakie’s hair, having Atsuko’s hair parted to one side it opens up her right eye brow allowing more facial expressions which there are plenty.

Kagari AngryKagari Fail

Chitose Karasuma – Chitose’s hair reminds me of the traditional anime hair style with a little more polish for the Moe factor. Not really obtainable in real life but always pleasing to look at.

Love Live!

Love Live! School Idol Project

I thought I’d give Love Live! a shot because it was recommended to me by a few people and it was short, 13 episodes. Although, the story was predictable, I found the episodes easy and relaxing to watch; I fit in one or two episodes before bed.

There were only two memorable scenes for me in the first season. In the first scene, the hype train of their idol group µ’s hits a small speed bump before continuing on to the road of happiness and sunshine – which also describes the series in a nut shell.

The second scene packs in a few things: an awesome club room filled with lots of merchandise referencing a troubling trend of materialism and that idols are characters, explained but Nico’s cringe worthy “Nico Nico Nii”.

Although, nothing out of the norm happens I will probably continue the series once I finish up on a few others. Also, one of the positives of this series is that there is so much extra content for it.

Fill up your Nico meter here: http://nico-nico-ni.com/

Live action of START:DASH!

New Year, Old Me

Without MMOs occupying 90% of my time, I’ve decided to hit up one of my hobbies that I’ve been neglecting for nearly a decade: anime. While catching up on all the hits and misses of the past decade I wanted to share moments that move me. So here’s to yet another rebirth of my website.

Although, I didn’t really enjoy the series as a whole, this scene really captures the essence of despair triumph; Saber to the rescue!

Source: Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – Episode 8

The first time I saw Saber’s new weapon I was in pure awe of the weapon design.

Source: Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – Episode 1


Learning to Lose

The Descent is one of my favorite movies. The characters try to escape monsters while caving. The best part is that they try their best and still fail. That’s what interests me; how do you handle yourself after you fail?

Recently been watching Haikyu, a volleyball anime, which takes a deeper dive than most stories in losing. Which got me thinking about my own life. I’ve never played sports competitively, but I have gamed at that level. I’ve played on all sorts of levels: first, second, and scrub.

The experience at the top is rather mundane. I did my part on the team and we succeeded. After the excitement faded, we mostly enjoy watching the drama unfold on the teams below. But there are diminishing returns on winning. Consistently being on top takes an absurd amount of time. So much that you eventually realize how much you’re giving up to be number one.

Being in second place is definitely a mixed bag. You feel like you’re putting in the same effort if not more than first place but you’re on the losing end most of the time. The few times that you actually win, are great.

The times that your team is performing at their best and are still bested is where the emotions happen. Anger and frustration quickly manifest. I’ve been reminded from watching Haikyu how important of a role leadership is in tough situations, specifically losing. Because without leadership, things quickly spiral out of control.

It’s really hard to analyse situations at the time, but when you reflect upon the moments at a later date you really start to build the character you want to be. You’ll be doing a lot of reflecting when you’re constantly in second place because you’ll always be doubting yourself.

In Japanese culture there is a [makenai] never-give-up-spirit which seems to be ingrained in you as a child. Since I’ve been thinking about this topic recently, I’m wondering if the never-give-up-spirit is like the brute force method of enduring. Before I thought if you never give up, you’ll only succeed, lol. I’ve since realized that you may need to give up in order gain perspective.

And lastly, being a scrub – AKA casual. That’s where I’m at in my life at the moment. Unwilling to go back on the competition roller coaster.

Reflection is key. [side story] I remember when my friend James accidentally deleted my Marvel vs. Capcom 2 which had all the characters unlocked. I banned him from my house (for real). You need to reflect on moments like that because once some time has passed, you’ll realize what a fool you were.