Anime Hair


I love anime hair styles. I wanted to share a few styles that added depth to the characters.

Ragyo Kiryuin – Stoic and colourful. I was in awe when I first saw how colourful her hair was.

Elma – Elma’s hair wouldn’t normally stand out to me but add in a few highlights matched with her suit attire and bam! Success.

Hifumi Takimoto – Holy Moe! The more I thought about this style, I wondered why I’ve never seen it before in real life. *googles* here we go:


Still looks good. Anyway, Moe hair for Moe character.

Satou Sakie – I was wondering why I liked Satou’s hair so much and realized that with her hair off to one side it highlights more of her face and glasses~

Atsuko Kagari – It’s pretty hard to capture her hair in a picture due to how animated she and her hair are. Similarly to Satou Sakie’s hair, having Atsuko’s hair parted to one side it opens up her right eye brow allowing more facial expressions which there are plenty.

Kagari AngryKagari Fail

Chitose Karasuma – Chitose’s hair reminds me of the traditional anime hair style with a little more polish for the Moe factor. Not really obtainable in real life but always pleasing to look at.