Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice

I can’t think of any other anime that has moved me as much as Yuri on Ice. There is one song that makes me teary eyed every time I listen to it.

This track has inspired me so much that I have start to practice playing the piano. I’ve realized that I am terrible but I hope to be able to play this song in the years to come.

This song takes me on a journey:

  1. Working towards your goals
  2. Reaching your goal and realizing you’re not complete
  3. Working towards your goals with others
  4. Reaching your goal and realizing it’s about the journey

I can’t say that any other part of the anime spoke to me other than the relationship between Victor Yuri. I’m kind of amazed how far Yaoi (BL)  Genre has come. Usually the BL relationship is between sub characters and not the main ones.

Here are some additional videos: