Analyzing the Value of Time – Part 2

In junior high, I sold my Everquest account for around $3,000. I spent about 1 year playing 8-18 hours a day for a year (3100-3500 hours). I remember thinking at the time, “what kind of idiot would pay for virtual items?”

At the time, I was experiencing and exploring the game. So I never thought of it as work. All the road blocks and bumps along the path were over come by sheer determination and time. A trait I now realize kids have that adults lose.

Fast forward 20 years, all those annoyances I plowed through before I now consider work. My wife will ask me what I’m doing and I’ll respond with “work” while I log into my game to complete my dailies.

In order to be able to participate in the game play that I enjoy, like killing bosses, I must “work” tirelessly towards something that I do not want to do, like killing spiders. So with that in mind, I can begin to understand why someone would spend money on virtual items.

My feeling of ridiculousness towards digital transactions has waned to the point where I can now evaluate. If you talked to me three years earlier, I would have grinded for 4 weeks for a $30 item.

PS. I’d like to thank Prodigy(Tyler) and Ruby for supporting me with $$$ all these years.


Analyzing the Value of Time – Part 1

I’m nearing my 32nd birthday and I’am slowly realizing “time’s a runnin’ out”. So I’ve recently been wondering how to better manage my time. I’m still pondering about the value of time but I’ll let you guys in on what I’ve thought of so far. But before I go any further, I’ll preface this with “I’m living a fucking good life.”

To begin, I want stuff: Lexus IS250 (40k), 70-80″ OLED TV (8k), Bidet (1.2k).

Easy enough, right? Save up and buy said items. At a rate of, let’s say, 5k disposable income a year, I’ll have a Luxury vehicle in a mere 8 years. That’ll make me 40 years old. I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll love the car, but not enough to trade 8 years of my life for it. I could work over time to reduce the overall time. If I worked over time, I could reduce the 8 years to a mere 4 years or 2-3 hellish years. Great idea, right?

Over time is a slippery slope. If I lived alone, the decision would be easier. I would only be affecting myself and I guess my friends. Unfortunately, in terms achieving the car, I am married. I have another person to consider. Personally, I prefer to be married. I believe I’ll live longer with someone putting out all my fires; also I can buy way more shit if I live longer.

This is where I’ve been assessing the value of time. My wife and I both work 40 hours a week. Unfortunately, we both work different shifts so the time we have together is limited. The limited time doesn’t mean we do anything worthwhile during the time that we’re together. That’s the tricky part. If most of the time we do nothing, I should just work over time as much as possible to get me closer to the red leather seats in that Lexus.

Although, the Lexus costs a shit ton of $$$ it doesn’t really mean too much to me. It’d be like the icing on the cake, assuming the cake is still there when I went out to get the icing.

If I valued things based on their price, I think I’d probably find myself very “unlucky” all the time.


Welcome to Version 16

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on my website but I feel that version 16 is the closest thing to what I wanted my website to be; a consolidation my social media updates while having room for blogs and related content.

I’ve also redesigned my logo:


I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture. The circle around the character is similar to a stamp which is typically how Japanese people sign for things, like contracts. While the hiragana chracter in the middle just stands for the “n” sound. Nothing special but I’ve also had an affinity for this specific character. I dislike the look of the “NA” character in both hiragana and katakana.

Anyway, hopefully, you guys enjoy the website. If you feel like chatting, feel free to join our chat room by clicking in the link at the top of the page.

Clash of Clans – Journey to Champion’s League (TH Snipe)

Champion’s League


TLDR; 100+ hours from Master 3 to Champion League.

This isn’t a guide per-say but rather more information to anyone looking to get to Champion’s League via Town Hall Sniping. Town Hall Sniping is very simple; hit Next ’til you find an exposed Town Hall. Click Me for TH Sniping Guide.

Exposed Town Hall

My Reason

Initially, I just wanted the 4th builder, 1000 Gems. The Sweet Victory  level 3 achievement, 450 gems, combined with League All-Star level 1 achievement, 250 gems,  and the gems that I had gave me enough to afford the 4th builder. But the 5th builder, 2,000 gems, looked very obtainable. All I had to do was hit Champion’s League. The League All-Star level 3 achievement gives you 2,000 gems. Sounded easy enough.

Also, getting up to Crystal League didn’t take very long at all either, maybe 10-15 hours.

Crystal League

Once you hit Crystal League your progress is slowed by a reduced amount of exposed Town Halls. There could be a whole array of reasons why, but I experienced a lot less exposed Town Halls. Nothing too crazy, but it took me about 5-10 minutes to find one, opposed to 1-2 minutes in previous leagues. Each win nets you 4-11 cups meaning you need to find a minimum of 54-150 bases.

Crystal League took me about a week and a half give or take. If you don’t have a full-time job, you could probably clear Crystal League much quicker.

Master League

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably thinking “I’m Almost done!” At least, that’s what I thought, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. For some reason, I thought this would take me the same amount of time as Crystal League. My friend asked me when I was gonna be finished so I could play other games with him. I told him, I’ll be done in a week in a half. I extended that prediction several times.

You’ll experience a whole whack of problems, most of which stem from the lack of exposed Town Halls. On average, I found 1 base every 30-40 minutes. Sometimes I found 3 in 5 minutes. Sometimes I found 3 in 12 hours. Master League will test your patience.

Although you get a decent gold bonus upon finding a base, you will probably run out of gold. At Town Hall 7, it costs 380 gold per next. 2600 attempts per 1 million gold. That may seem like a lot of attempts but I found myself broke on many occasions.



I found myself doing the Campaign missions for gold. The later stages do offer quite a bit of gold. I also found doing Clan Wars helped with gold as well. Both of those methods work well when you’re under a shield.

Since earning cups are so few and far between losing them is gonna hurt a lot more… god damn you revenge.

52 Cups

Anyway, needless to say, you’re gonna wanna be attacked as few times as possible. Meaning, 6 hour sessions are highly advised. I was always, 100%, attacked during the 5 minutes that I got kicked off for. I could only hope that the person attacking me was from a league above me to reduce the amount of cups I lost.

Once I was near the end, I bought the 24 hour, 150 gems, and 48 hour, 150 gems, shield to reduce my pain. My patience was wearing thin and I did not want to lose anymore cups.

I started my session at 3100. I played for 6 hours, made it to about 3140 then bought the 24h shield. Sleep > Work > 6 hour Session > 3175 > 48h shield > Sleep > work > 4 hours > SUCCESS! Mudda fuggin’ Champion.

Defense Log

Other Notes

  • I  initiated combat in a non-exposed TH base once in Master I and wanted to break my phone
  • Watch out for troll bases. Always bring enough troops to deal with 4x Hidden Teslas
  • I grew to hate my phone notification alert sound
  • I would suggest only going further than Crystal League at TH7 or higher to take advantage of the Dark Elixer bonus
  • Master to Champion took me over 100 hours over the course of 2-3 weeks. Marathoning through this league is advised
  • This is how I felt:Clash
  • I would not do this again, but I am glad that I did it once

Gunnar – Intercept Ghost [Gaming Accessories] Review

Gunnar Ghost Intercept


Been wearing these everyday for about 6 months


  • Reduces headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision and eye strain.


  • Actually work!
  • Reduced eye strain
    • Work wonders in dark rooms and white backgrounds
  • Price
  • Geekier look (bonus in my eyes)

  • Susceptible to smudging
  • Yellowish hue
  • Little uncomfortable when using over-ear headphones
    • Can be mitigated by angling the glasses downwards

General Thoughts

  • The yellowish hue is only apparent when I first started using them. This issue is quite minor to me, but could be a issue for you.
  • I find myself wiping the lenses of smudge marks 2-3 times a day
  • I bought one of the cheapest pairs ($69). I wasn’t sure if they would fit me or even worked. But based on how often I now use them now, $69 is a steal.
  • I tried out 5-6 other styles before purchasing this style but I only found that 1-2 styles which more comfortable at the time.
  • I have no problem wearing these for 8-10 hour gaming sessions
  • I can’t speak for the other claims that this product boasts like reduced headaches, dry eyes or blurred vision because I have not noticed an increase or decrease in any of these symptoms
  • If you purchase these from the main site from Canada, you’re gonna get owned hard. You’ll have to pay, S&H $20, Customs $20+, and Taxes. Buy them locally, if you can.